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Baghdadi Evening

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

The Baghdadi evening was on the 18th of November and was the Iraqi Cultural Association's very first event. The club received support from the organization Voices of Iraq and, of course, the events department at Georgetown. The event began with an opening speech from vice-president Areej Raad and a Kahoot game hosted by the club president Alak Raad quickly followed. Iraqi music sounded through the speakers, Iraqi games were played, Iraqi food was served, and an Iraqi dabke was performed. A Turkish dance and Palestinian dabke were also performed! This event, as the opening speech expressed, intended on mirroring what an evening at Baghdad would be like. Underneath a night sky illuminated by fairy lights, Georgetown students and students/visitors from outside the University took part in various aspects of Baghdadi culture. People who attended also got a chance to win one of six exciting prizes from the raffle. Friends and classmates at Georgetown, with their well wishes and laughter, all represented why the event was as memorable as it was. It truly wouldn't have been the same if a single person who was at the event, playing whatever role they played, weren't a part of the equation. The Iraqi Cultural Association hopes to organize more events in the future. But until then, our club remains incredibly grateful for every single word of encouragement we received for this one. Let's continue exploring Iraq's culture bit by bit together!

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