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Chargé D’ Affaires of Embassy of Pakistan Visited Georgetown University in Qatar

Chargé D’ Affaires Murad Baseer addressing Georgetown Qatar’s students and faculties.

On October 23, 2018, the South Asian Society of Georgetown University Qatar invited Murad Baseer, Chargé D’ Affaires of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, for a keynote on the topic: A Nation Rising out of the Ashes of the War on Terror. More than 40 individuals attended and had the opportunity to further learn about the geopolitics of Pakistan. Members in the audience also had the chance to address questions about the current and future diplomatic state of Pakistan.

Baseer considered School of Foreign Service students an appropriate audience to address. “I believe that prestigious institutions like George Town are the nurseries for budding future leaders whether in the realm of the Government, Cooperate sector or any other spheres of life.”

He provided a detailed presentation on Pakistan’s position on a regional as well as global level. “Firstly we have a crucial role to play in our immediate region, keeping in mind the situation in Afghanistan and our key role in the fight against terrorism.”

He further emphasized the importance in contributing to peace efforts within the neighboring countries. “We believe in bringing all stake holders in Afghanistan to the table and decide on working for bringing peace to Afghanistan.”

Baseer acknowledged the importance between strong diplomatic relations between India and Pakistan. “Secondly we intend to improve our bilateral relations with India, but that will only be possible when both countries are able to resolve their core issues specially the issue of Kashmir.”

Baseer considered the event a worthwhile opportunity for School of Foreign Service students to extend their understanding of diplomacy. “I believe the event generated great cognitive activity“ Baseer said. “ I would like to thank the Dean and the students of the South Asian Club who invited us over” he continued.



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