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Letter from the Editors – 2019-2020

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Letter from the Editors – The Georgetown Gazette 2019-2020

Dear readers, friends, observers, and critiques,

We are embarking on the second year of The Georgetown Gazette. The past year has been one hell of a journey building our baby publication to be a platform for some important voices and moments in our community. 

We are grateful to have been there for the critical voices on issues like Title IX, feminism, segregation, and identity. Meanwhile, we are also incredibly proud of making The Georgetown Gazette a platform for student artists, creative writers, designers, and photographers. 

This year, we continue to be committed to high-quality journalism and story-telling. Our cohort of senior writers is back to report on pressing news and on-going debates relevant to our community. Meanwhile, we are debuting a promising class of junior writers who are telling stories lesser-known but no less important locally and globally. We pledge to uphold high ethical standards, while also resist institutional censorship and reductionism of critical issues. 

Georgetown University in Qatar is a place of diverse pursuits, and we at TGG aspire to better reflect this diversity over time. We continue to invite all Georgetown students and student organizations to contribute opinion pieces to the publication. We strongly encourage nuanced, critical, and less-represented opinions that add complex perspectives to the conversations we have on campus. 

This year is our last year as editors-in-chief for The Georgetown Gazette, which means that we will put every bit of effort into creating a lasting Gazette legacy for future GU-Q classes. We would love to hear from you about what we could do better, what we should keep doing, and what we could change. The Gazette belongs as much to you, Georgetown students, as to any of us in the publication team.


Ngoc Nguyen and Harleen Osahan

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