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The Georgetown Gazette is for the students and by the students. Be a part of our team and deliver the latest news and opinions to our community. We are looking for creative, self-driven team members to join us in building SFS-Q's first student journalism platform.


Staff Writers

  • Write for The Georgetown Gazette on a monthly on any topic of choice

  • Be included in our team

  • Must be self-driven and has good writing skills

  • The Georgetown Gazette opens applications every semester

Non-member Contributors

  • GU-Q students that wish to write for The Georgetown Gazette on any topic of their choice without having to sign up as active members

  • Does not have the same responsibilities as Staff Writers

  • Must be self-driven and has good writing skills

  • To apply, email with a short, no more than 500 words writing sample once the monthly campus-wide email update has been sent out by The Georgetown Gazette


  • Edit the articles submitted by the writers for The Georgetown Gazette on a monthly basis

  • Be included in our team

  • Must have good attention-to-detail and fair writing skills

  • The Georgetown Gazette opens applications every semester

Designers/ Illustrators 

  • Create designs for The Georgetown Gazette articles

  • Has knowledge of designing/drawing software or traditional paper illustration

  • Be able to commit time on a monthly basis to work with authors on the design

  • The Georgetown Gazette opens applications every semester


What do I write about?

Write about any topic that interests you. Our publication covers campus/local news, international news, creative pieces, culture, and op-eds. This is a wide array of topics, which will likely fit whatever you’re interested in. If you’re still unsure whether your topic is relevant, feel free to email and ask.

If you can’t think of anything, sample topics are:

  • On-campus political debates

  • Local cultural events, such as concerts, art exhibitions, EC events

  • Your own photography, short stories, or poetry

  • Reviews of relevant arts, movies, books, etc.

  • Investigative pieces, interviews

  • Speeches, professors

  • Race, class, sex in the EC bubble

  • Any piece of relevant research conducted by EC students or faculty


Word limits:

For news pieces, we encourage you to keep the word limit within 300 to 500 words. For creative writing or op-eds, keep the word count within 500 to 1000 words. However, we are flexible if more words are necessary when your writing is good and straight to the point.

Who will review my pieces?

The editors in chief and faculty advisors will review and edit your writing. We will either make the edits ourselves if they are minor, or will contact you and request that you make larger changes. You will be able to see the final piece before publication.

If you want your writings to be reviewed before submission to us, the options available are:

  • The Writing Center (book via mywconline)

  • Any editor in chief via text or email

  • One of our faculty advisors. You can request a meeting with them through the editors in chief, who will help you schedule an appointment with a review board for your article.

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