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Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Taha Kaleem


A roller-coaster I must say

One moment you are up and running and then down and distraught What amazes me is the resilience, we show in the moments of despair This resilience is what keeps us going; every time we fall we dust ourselves and get up

Whatever might be the circumstances we never give up? But what happens when we give up, we start spiraling until we break Broken like a glass whose only purpose is to reflect our imperfections. We have grown so rigid that we only consider perfection as a stature of normalcy

We neglect the beauty of flaws and imperfections We are so hell-bent on fitting inside this box of perfection That we have forgotten living out of the box

So when God tests our being, we often crumble because the idea of us flawed is unacceptable

So Let us look at our imperfections and accept them wholeheartedly.

Georgetown Freshman Trying to figure out the NORM

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