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A Train to Nowhere

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

I got my ticket

I am on my way

In the train to nowhere.

Got in the economy class

The one-seater assigned to one

Behind is the local birth

With the seats assigned to push and pull.

Crumbled up, I adjusted my bag in the compartment overhead

Into neat squares all other bags were fit in 

But mine was too stuffed 

Too empty it was maybe

For it wouldn’t fit

the square shape above

I pushed it in,

But the waves, the rough edges 

Didn’t settle with the right angles

The tall lady beside me rose

A slam on the door, 

the bag was in the pod

The look on her face was a teacher’s rod

I sat down to enjoy the ride

To enjoy the ride?

To where?

It was the train to nowhere.

The stations were unknown 

In came a new passenger 

Out was an old one thrown

The local birth was overflowing

Now it was our turn

Gangs would come for my seat too 

With perfect square bags

And their earned tickets to somewhere

But I will not move

Even if I don’t know where I am going

I know I’m on the move

I will not be left behind

You know what happens to those!

Left on tracks 

or pushed to the local birth.

I cannot go there,

So I stick to my seat

When someone asks about my destination

I make up stories.

I made up stories until I couldn’t 

Every station I said was mine 

I wasn’t allowed to get off

I wasn’t ready to go there yet

I wasn’t enough

Now, I am out of stories

My eyes don’t look for stations anymore

Milestones like miles have passed away

I just hope to keep this seat

Until it’s my turn to be thrown away.

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