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Autumn Calling

Have you seen the recent sunset skies?

With the cottony clouds and lovely hues?

Golds and blues now shimmer in our eyes

To herald autumn, that lovely muse!

And with the autumn comes a chill

A welcome break from the summer sun;

To some a menace, to others a thrill -

A time to unwind now that summer’s done.

“It’s good weather, come and see!

The autumn winds are calling me;

Join me for some coffee, a cup o’ tea

Or does a walk sound more to your fancy?”

“Grab a book, soak in the sunshine

Against the windows in the library?”

“The outdoors beckon, the breeze’s divine

How ‘bout a lazy stroll right by the sea?”

Whatever you do, wherever you are,

Autumn’s here to up your downs

So there’s no need to look too far

To see the best of nature around.


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