Clarifying the Complexities of Codependency

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

The pursuit of “The One” has been one of humanity’s most sought after goals throughout the ages. Years of literature, theater, and arts have compiled as humanity tried to attain the ideals of romantic love.

This is an ideal based on biological logic, the result of social humans. Two is better than one and the preferred model of achieving perfect unity with another complex human adds to the intrinsic value of romantic relationships. In romantic relationships exist the rule of “Give and Take”, the rule that allows individuals to rely on each other. Thus, lessening the burden of responsibility and achieving more than what could’ve been achieved alone. 

However, what happens when a person gives too much to another that they are willing to risk their livelihood for the relationship? Ideally, they are called romantic by society but in reality, they have got an issue called codependence.