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Eternal Stories Amongst the Gods

Inang Bayan Ko (My Motherland),

How does it feel to be blessed?

To be able to dance with Idianale in the rice fields,

And have Agwe’s rivers purify your sacred crest?

Inang Bayan Ko,

How does it feel to experience wonder?

To revel in Apolaki’s infinite morning star,

And rejoice with his sister, Mayari, your nightly defender?

Inang Bayan Ko,

How sad you must have felt,

As the vicious Bakunawa swallowed the moons

…The tears you must have shed; the sorrow you must have dealt

As the Mansisilat tore families apart,

As the Manggagaway wrought illness upon your land,

As the Mangkukulam rained fire on your houses,

As the Hukbulan slaughtered your people at his hand.

Inang Bayan Ko,

When the merciless Sitan plagued you,

Punished you with a pain you could barely endure,

I saw you lift your tear-stained face, display emotions so blue.

Inang Bayan Ko,

Bathalang Maykapal roared at the tormenting discord;

Healing rain fell from the heavens,

And all at once, your vibrant life has been restored.

Inang Bayan Ko,

Once again you rejoice with Idianale, Agwe, Apolaki, and Mayari

Frolicking and swaying along to the winds of Anitun Tabu,

Your happiness spreads throughout rivers and seas, plains and valleys!

Inang Bayan Ko,

How does it feel to be free?

To create all that you can create,

To be all whoever you wish to be?

Inang Bayan Ko,

Oh, how I love your embrace!

You are the epitome of godly beauty,

And your everlasting soul the core of your ethereal grace.

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