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God Knows Best

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

We often feel very sad and lost even for the smallest things: “Why is my life this bad and his good?”, “Why would this happen to me?”, “I wish it was better than that.…” In short, we rebel and are dissatisfied with our lives at certain points. 

Let me tell you a story to illustrate what I mean.. There was an old man who made a living out of fieldwork with his horse. Once, his  horse ran away and the old man’s neighbors said: “Oh, what a pity that the old man’s horse ran away! How is he going to make a living man? How is he going to feed his family now?” All the neighbors were worried but the old man said: “Yes, I had a horse, and I made a living out of it, and it ran away. But, I don’t know if this is for the better or the worse. God knows best.” 

After four or five days, the horse that ran away brought with it an untamed mare. The neighbors all exclaimed: “Oh, this is so good that the old man’s horse returned, and moreover, it brought an untamed mare with it! He had one horse, now he has two!” The old man said: “Yes, I had one horse, now I have two. But, I do not know if this is for the better or the worse. God knows best.” As the mare was untamed, the old man’s son wanted to tame her. While trying to do so, the mare threw him over and he broke his leg. 

After hearing about this event, the neighbors said: “Oh, the boy was the old man’s constant helper in everything. How bad it is that he broke his leg while taming the mare!” The old man replied: “I know that my son broke his leg trying to domesticate the mare, but I do not know if this is for the better or worse. God knows best.” 

After some time, there was a war in the region, and all able-bodied people had to go to war. The old man’s son could not go to war because he broke his leg. Many neighbors were sad that their sons were going and they said: “How good it is that the old man’s son does not need to go to war because he broke his leg!” The old man replied: “It is true that my son cannot go to war, but we do not know if it is for the better or worse. God knows best.”

That is why, whenever things happen in our lives, be they good or bad according to our interpretation, we should not make fast conclusions out of them. We should rather rely on Allah and always have faith that anything that befalls us is from Allah and He is the most wise. In fact, we do not know what those events may bring later on. It will all be revealed sooner or later whether it is good or bad. After all, didn’t Allah know each and every soul and his fate before He even created the world. What an honor knowing that your identity, name, gains and losses were all within the knowledge of the Most Wise before the Earth took its shape. Rely on Allah, for He knows you past, present, and future and trust His plan, for His plan is the most wise.

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