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Pixels and Decibels: Video Game Songs That Slay

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Gone are the days when video games were seen as the province of the few! Whether it’s housewives mixing and matching in Candy Crush or kindergarteners putting an end to zombie infestations in Plants vs. Zombies, video games are an integral part of the lives of many people in the modern day. An important aspect of a video game is its soundtrack and now, video games amazingly boast whole songs. Whether it’s a soulful rendition of “Country Roads”, a Rihanna original or your favorite song from high school, we guarantee these songs will have you hooked for the summer! Here is a list of some of the best songs from video games:

Now I know what you’re thinking, good reader. “But this is the classic song by John Denver!” You are right! Bethesda takes the classic and gives the perfect spin to Denver’s lyrics, leaving them with a new level of meaning and depth. Set in the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse, Fallout 76 is a lonely quest to help rebuild civilization and “Country Roads” is the best song to go with it. While John Denver’s original song was a yearning for the idyllic countryside of his homeland, Fallout’s “Country Roads” is a mourning for the past and a recollection of simple joys that the collapse of civilization has made redundant. The stray guitar chords that introduce the Fallout song, the throaty voice of the new singer, and the soulful enunciation of the immortal words of John Denver, all make this a very special song.

Sadly, the game itself is a different story altogether.

“This is My Time” is upbeat and full of self-confidence. Miles Morales is not like Peter Parker. He cannot make jibes at the Penguin nor can he hit Dr. Octopus with one liners as he mocks his intelligence. Miles is unsure of his abilities and though more powerful than his mentor and friend Peter Parker, he does not have the same confidence. “This is My Time” seems like the message Miles keeps repeating to reassure himself as he swings and slings through the streets of New York City.

The perfect song for your senior year of high school! If the name feels familiar to you, then that’s because this song featured prominently in the movie, “Looking for Alaska”, starring Cara Delevigne. This is the perfect goodbye song and that’s why it features towards the end of the aforementioned movie and in the Catch a Ride chapter from the fun video game Tales from the Borderlands.

You’re minding your business being a perfect little outlaw in GTA V and suddenly Rihanna starts playing on your radio! Though “Only Girl in the World” cannot hold a torch of the masterpieces that are “Dancing in the Dark” and “Work”, the casual inclusion of this song shows just how seriously developers of GTA V took the production of the game. It is a testament to the quality and utter brilliance of Rockstar Games and the GTA series.

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