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SEA Club hosted “Squid Game”-inspired Dalgona Candy Challenge

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

On November 24, the Southeast & East Asian (SEA) Club at Georgetown organized the “Dalgona Candy Challenge” at the Red Square. The event was attended by over thirty Hoyas and received support from the events department, who helped to decorate the event into a “Squid Game”-inspired themed set.

The dalgona candy are hand made by members of SEA Club.

Participants in the event are given a piece of dalgona candy and asked to carve a shape out of it–such as a circle, a bread, a triangle–without cracking it. Winners are awarded Asian instant noodles, and all players are welcomed with traditional snacks from the region.

A truly “homegrown” production, the dalgona candy was made right here in our dorm by members of the SEA Club. “It was a learning experience,” said Nusaybah Maszlee (SFS’24). “Our first try making it was a disaster; it was too sticky and even burnt! Eventually, we managed to figure out the technicalities. The third try was perfect–I guess practice makes perfect is true after all.”

Participants praised the event’s authenticity and its uncanny resemblance to the "Squid Game" series–from the background music to the “player eliminated” sound effect, and of course, the candy itself. Dayana Amandossova (SFS’24), a winner of the challenge, said, “the candy challenge was a great way to destress before finals week! I enjoyed the event and the prizes and hope to see more of such fun with the SEA Club in the future!”

Besides the Dalgona Candy Challenge, the SEA Club also hosted a Kahoot Quiz to test Hoyas’ knowledge about Southeast and East Asia on November 22. The top three winners received vouchers to the Virgin Megastore. According to Juan Carlo Landayan (SFS’24), the club plans to host more exciting events next year, such as Lunar New Year and Asian Cuisine Food Trips.

Members of the Southeast and East Asia (SEA) Club at Georgetown. From left, Le Dong Hai Nguyen (SFS'23), Shannon Chen (SFS'24), Yishi Yang (SFS'24), Nusaybah Maszlee (SFS'23), Juan Carlo Landayan (SFS'24).

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