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Station Unknown

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Loss of judgment,

was it the departure of my thoughts?

The reckless train keeps moving on

With a passenger stranded

No ticket, no luggage, 

Sitting on the bench is a hollow cauldron

The ride to the station 

The steps to the platform

All was staged by someone else.

The passenger had arrived at the stop assigned;

It was not her stop.

She looked for the exit door;

It doesn’t exist – read the sign.

There is no train back;

The train forward left.

Was she left behind?

Commuters buzzed around;

Each revolving along its track,

Each with a ticket of their own,

They kept moving on.

The passenger is still stranded. 

She cannot move. 

All is stationary, 

All is at a halt.

Did movement cease to exist?

Or is it the loss of judgment?

#journey #Poetry

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