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The Other World: An Alternate Reality from which we Live

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Clouds swirled around me like a cloak of feathers, engulfing my being into a protected cocoon and elevating me to the distant sky where a colossal mansion was situated. My thoughts were inhabitants of this residence. They are given the ability to roam freely in the spacious luxury of this made-up fantasy, unrestrained from the confines of my mind. Rather, they are fueled with the drive of ideas that are generated through the assortment of letters and words, dancing to the formulation of sentences and paragraphs. This constitutes the protected field for my imagination, where my capacity to express flourishes through the guidance of my pen and paper. 

This was a distant reality; a place that is ungoverned by the conventions of time, and where all otherworldly phenomena are negligible. It is an isolated residence of the timeless, where all notions of movement are halted and I am thrust into a state of idle thinking, uninterrupted by the relentless progression of time. It was a place where silence dispersed in the air like the oxygen that we breathe; a place of solitude, detached from the ruckus created by society. The silence treads lightly on the pathway to the rooms, each of which represents different aspects of my thoughts. 

At the end of the narrow, labyrinthine hallway, on the far left is where my favorite category of thoughts reside. This is where the monsters dwell and breed, multiplying and expanding in the close-quartered vicinity of the room, creating settings, plots, and characters. I open the door, the lights flicker, and these indefinable figures emerge, their forms casting shadows in the corners of the room. The whispers break the silence into pieces, gradually creating a state of unrestrained chaos. These monsters do not conform with the conventions of civilization; this is a space where the heathens of my mind, the vilest and most wicked of monsters, are undisturbed and liberated. 

This is the constitution of my alternate reality; another dimension where my mind likes to wander; a relief from the realities of the earth; an escape from the knowledge of mankind’s imperfections; the knowledge that life cannot be perfect, but rather something that is askew in nature. 

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