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The Protagonist

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

The pull of the tide—

The distant call of a siren’s song—

A torrential downpour—

A vehement thunder follows—

His eyes trained upon the manic waves; a silent storm brewing

His heart caught in between the shore and sea; a decision is made

He descends deeper and deeper and deeper

Until his breath could no longer compete with the voices that swam to and fro

He paid no mind to the stillness of those around him

Dull and vibrant shades of blue faded from in and out of view

In the distance, he heard the call of a siren’s song

But still;

He descends

Until he could no longer feel the pull of the tide

Nor could he hear the vehement thunder above the shore

And as his feet touched the sand, he saw it

His eyes settled on the stark white glow

Like a mother holding a child, he cradled what he had found

The descent was all for this moment

Nevermind the way the light left his eyes

Nevermind the way his heartbeat came to a staggering slow

Nevermind the way the voices in his head ceased after winding up and down so long—

It floated up to the surface, leaving him in icy depths

But the darkness wasn’t unbearable; it was welcomed

If he closed his eyes, he could almost hear the thunder disappear

He could almost hear their cheers— cries for joy

He could almost hear the waves stilling into serenity

He didn’t know he had been sinking for so long

Author's Note:

Inspired by the Myers-Briggs Personality type, ENFJ or “the Protagonist”, this poem explores both the strengths and weaknesses of this personality.

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