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The Scribbler’s Neverland

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Labeeba Ahmed

“If you have the chance to accomplish your dream, what would you do?” everyone asked.

“I would go to the infinitely finite galaxy of alphabet,

An enticing system of 26 stars and phonetically diverse gas and dusts

There, I would look for the planet of sleepless nights and dreaming days,

Of enchanting words and expressions,

Embedded between the structure of vowels and consonants.

In that planet, right in the middle of the continent of rhymes,

Is the country of poems and verses

Filled with lakes and gardens of haikus, sonnets, and limericks.

By now, I will be engulfed in the dreams and tears that the rhymes scream

Yet I will tread slowly towards the city of phrases and idioms,

For there is more to read than what meets the eye.

In the street of blank pages,

I hope to discover the distorted library organized in chaotic silence,

And mark my entrance with loud footsteps, for the silence is deafening

In the end, I seek the pleasure to meet all the characters ever created,

Hear all the emotions left unsaid,

Read all the books that never made it to our world,

And find the ink that finds salvation in pouring smothered desires.

Just like Wendy,

I wonder where my ‘second star to the right and, straight on till morning’ is,”

replied the scribbler, with empty dazzle in her eyes.


Labeeba Ahmed

 “In a world dominated by Netflix and Instagram, I crave for the black ink in between yellow pages.”



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