Tourists’ Visa-Free Arrival Incentivizes Foreigners to Look for Jobs in Qatar

Updated: Nov 13, 2021


On August 9, 2017, Qatar waived the entry visa requirements for 80 countries. Citizens of those countries who wishes to visit Qatar for certain amount of days (included in their terms and conditions) no longer need to apply for a visa.

Although, as mentioned by Qatar Airways and Qatar Tourism Authority, the main aim of this policy is to promote tourism (and there has been relatively more tourists), many took this opportunity to look for jobs in Qatar. This is not permitted. There have been cases where companies have reported large number of applications for jobs from people who did not have a residence permit, and some even reported to get applications that did not fit their workers requirements. As a result, there is an ongoing debate on putting more visa restrictions to prevent the visitors from misusing the purpose of visa-free entry.