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Vision Entangled

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

I saw a mystic today, She reminded me of you.

The curls of her hair, Reminded me of the waves over your chest

Curtains over your bare breasts, they fall.

Her hollow cheeks, Like the craters of your smile,

Hint starvation.

The empty bowl in her hand urged me to fill it, Like your arms seek my embrace,

I cannot satisfy the hunger of either.

The grains I carried, 

Spilled on the ground as she fell in front of me, 

Someone threw a stone at her.

The sight of her naked skin, Was too much for the lustful eyes surrounding us.

They couldn’t have her, So they accused her of immorality.

When they befall me, They don’t see immodesty. But the day I declare my passion for you,

 I’ll be a whore too.

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