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Careful Constructions Made of Crystal and Glass

Careful constructions made of crystal and glass

Held up by hopes and prayers

Ready to topple over, ready to change

Morph into something new, something more saccharine

We are all barely held together here.

Wisps of fluffy white cotton falling within

The house is so empty its full of nothingness

You wake up and you’re ready to

Throw pink linen sheets back and have your brown coffee

With the shot of caramel

You’re ready to put everything in the correct order

To reflect that you have managed to overcome the chaos

That reigns outside the borders of your ever-shrinking kingdom

But lying went out of vogue ages ago dear

Smash your porcelain coffee cup on the ground

Let the shards crunch into your smoothened feet

Shots of caramel right into your mouth and

Take that sugar high and move to the outside

Cross the borders of who and what you are.

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