On Disillusioned Activism and the US Election: When “Settling for Biden” Goes Too Far

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

In America there is no such thing as Democrat or Republican anymore. In America you have liberals and conservatives. – The Autobiography of Malcolm X

I am consistently amazed at how the words of Malcolm X continue to ring true in every era succeeding his own. Writing, or rather, relaying these words to Alex Haley, the journalist who copy-edited “The Autobiography of Malcolm X”, our protagonist reflects on the state of American politics and the tribalism of the US electoral landscape. As a man who is clearly for the truth, no matter what it is or who it comes from (you’ve all seen the quote on your Instagram feed or family WhatsApp group), his words permeate into the very subconscious of the American black and white psyche. Every diasporic American citizen, including myself, can feel the reverberations of its echo. As a member of an African diaspora that holds a US passport, I can’t help but observe, from the outside-in, the state of affairs of a country developed only so far as to allow neo-tribalism to settle into the veins of its democracy, enshrouding us in a cloud of disillusioned political fanaticism.