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The Other World: Door 1 – An unmasked mystery

Ahead is a stretch of land; a road reaching to infinity. It is a hazy path leading to an obscure future, and my feet tread slowly, trembling, and with a purpose. My journey is one of discovery, trying to acquire the hidden treasure that everyone in the desert is scouring for. The gravitational pull of this object is powerful, and although I am unaware of what this treasure entails, my curiosity is piqued. What is this exotic item that has everyone in the desert restless for its acquisition?

I must be very lucky because I feel myself getting closer everyday. Yet, in this timeless dimension, I can still detect the prolongation of time through the alteration of the seasons: in one instance the scorching heat of the sun signaled summer, and in the next instance, I felt the brutal chill of the winter season pierce my skin. These climatic changes were seamless. To me, this is what T.S Eliot meant by “the still point of the turning world;” a state of stagnant movement, where changes merge into one. We are trapped in a state of constancy, unaware of the passing of the time.  

Despite my efforts, I am no closer to solving this mystery than any of my rivals. But my persistence is rigid. Although my treasure is far out of reach, I have accumulated the scattered pieces that have fallen on the ground.

And what is this treasure you ask? What is this wondrous gem that has aroused the fervor of competition? It is not a physical object that we are all seeking. Rather, it is something that exists on another plane, in an abstract dimension. It is the notion of understanding the human psyche; the ability to come to a more profound knowledge of the different dimensions to an individual’s makeup. It is the various branches, extensions, and threads that constitute who we are as people.

The relationships that I developed with the characters of the books I have read enabled me to get closer to this treasure every day.These characters have exposed me to the complexities of the human psyche. The gem of Jekyll and Hyde allowed me to come to a more profound understanding of the inner demons that we harbor; how we are multifaceted beings, and the sense of inconstancy that we occupy; we are by no means consistent humans; we have highs and lows that determine whether it is Jekyll or Hyde that is the current occupant of our state of mind.

During my metaphorical journey, the straight road bends at a curve, and divides into a series of intricate paths, all leading to different places, and different mysteries. These paths lead to the various fictional worlds that I had encountered in the past; now I am revisiting and reacquainting myself with them. This journey of recollection will guide me to a path of knowledge. I will get to know my friends, the characters of these books, on a more personal level. 

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